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Hello Everyone!

jessica-jones-marvel-netflix-logoToday has been a good day. Marvel released the trailer for Jessica Jones, a series which is coming out November 20th on Netflix and of course its part of the MCU but it will be more related to Daredevil than the avengers but I’m sure that once The Defenders get their own show; we’ll see them with The Avengers. That will probably happens by the time Infinity War Part I and Part II are here… and that will be in 2018 and 2019 so there’s still a while, but no matter because we are getting Jessica Jones next month and then Civil War and Doctor Strange next year so I’m sure I will be able to survive, though I’m still waiting for the Civil War trailer to be realeased. I think at this rate we are going to get it a month before the movie is set to come out… but I’ll make a post about Civil War soon. Now, if you haven’t watched the trailer for Jessica Jones, check it out here so you know what I’m talking about.

4594059-raqpnmwIn the trailer for Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter, we see the titled character trying to live a normal life while also trying to help others since she has supper powers and wants to use them for good and she owns her own detective agency. The main villian for this season will be Killgrave, also know as Purple Man, and he will be played by David Tennant. Killgrave is a skilled manipulator and he also uses mind control and he originally was introduced as a villian in Daredevil (comics). The first time I saw this character was in the animated series The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. There he controlled Tony Stark/Iron Man and caused a lot of tension and trouble and I really can’t wait 04to see what he will do in the series, especially since he will be played by David Tennant who I adore… Because honestly, who didn’t love him as the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. I know I did and he’s part of my Top Three Doctors but that’s a different topic. November 20th needs to get here as soon as possible. We are getting Jessica Jones, Mockingjay Part II and Adele’s new CD. November might turn out to be one of my favorite months this year. So much is happening and hopefully we see some Civil War something next month or some time soon.

Now, let me know what you thought of the Jessica Jones trailer. Did you guys like it? or not? Are you excited for the show and upcoming Defenders team up? Let me know down in the comments below or by sendind me a Tweet at @JackieHuiltron.

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