My thoughts on Fifty Shades Darker…


Hello Everyone!

tumblr_m8m1vwqIIV1r2nazno1_500This week we’ll be talking about Fifty Shades Darker (2017) the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey (2015). In case you have not read my review on Fifty Shades of Grey make sure that you do because I did talk about some points that are good about that movie that are different from this one since they did have different directors, with that said, let’s begin with this… Beware, I’ll be discussing everything about the movie so, spoiler alert! 

Fifty Shades Darker hit theaters back in February 2017 and I really didn’t go out of my way to watch it because I really wasn’t interested in it. I eventually did and I really wasn’t impress. The characters still didn’t do much for me but there were a couple of that I found even more annoying that the character themselves. One thing was how quickly Ana said yes to Christian, she was in tears went she left him because things weren’t ho she hoped and then, just like that… she’s different. She even says something about how she’s different in the movie and I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes at that. Something else that I couldn’t help but be annoyed at was how Christian tries to fix everything in Ana’s life and how she sort of protests and/or complains about it but doesn’t really do anything about it. 


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