Closet Organization 

closet org

Hello Everyone!
Today I want to share with you some organization tips for keeping your closet organized. This are things that I do myself every time I clean and reorganize my close so I can assure you that they work. I like going back to my closet every few weeks because I know that no matter how much I try to keep everything in place, for one reason or another it will get messy once more… so here are some of the things I do to minimize that mess.


  1. 97c647d3393308a58cd7441ba5d50dbdColor coded. This is a very important part for me when it comes to keeping my closet organized & and it makes it easier to find what I want.
  2. Eye level. Keep your most-used items at eye level, this will make it easier for you to find them. Something else than cabe done is place the less-used items below those you wear the most, and least-used items up high.
  3. Divide spaces.  I like to separate my clothes, placing the tops in one place. Jeans in another and so on… I also like to give everything an specific place, drawers for folded items, hangers for shirts, dresses and suits, and boxes for odds and ends.
  4. Hooks. This beauties can create extra storage space by placing them inside the closet.
  5. Donate. Something else than can be is getting rid of those clothes we no longer use and instead of throwing them out we can donate them. Unless they are in really bad shape, those you turn into other useful items. 

I recently started reorganizing my closet once again and though I still got some organizing and cleaning to do, following this tips really those make my closet look great! It also helps that I used to work at a clothing store so I know a thing or two about folding clothes and keeping them organized. Anyways, let me know what are some of the things that you guys do to keep your closets mess-free down in the comments below. Thanks for reading!




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