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Challenge #3 -> A book you pick solely because of the cover For this post of the 26 Book Challenges, the topic is "A book you pick solely because of the cover" and to be honest it was a little hard to answer that because I really count recall a book that I had chosen… Continue reading Divergent


The Hunger Games

Challenge #2 -> A book that was made into a movie The second entry for the book challenge is "A book that was made into a movie" and since Mockingjay Part II is right around the corner I thought I would talk about it. If there is a movie based on a book that I truly… Continue reading The Hunger Games


Richard III

Challenge #1 --> A book you own but haven't read. The first entry for this book challenge is "A book you own but haven't read" that would be Richard III by William Shakespeare (One of my favorite writers ever!). This is a book I recently got my hands on but not one I haven't heard about it… Continue reading Richard III


26 Book Challenges!

I recently came across this 26 Book Challenges on Pinterest and decided to try it myself. I will be starting with "A book you own but havent read" next week so keep a look out for that. The 26 book challenges that will be doing are in the picture on the left side, check them out… Continue reading 26 Book Challenges!


Book To Movie

So many books now  have a film, from the oldest books to the newest ones... And that's great! I love seeing a book I enjoyed reading turned into a movie, and I know that there are somethings that can't be in the movie; the effort is appreciate it. There's nothing more that I enjoy more when… Continue reading Book To Movie


To be or not to be?

Are there any Shakespeare fans around? I'm sure there are a few. And those who are will most likely understand the love I have for his work. My obsession with Shakespeare began when I was young and I watched Romeo + Juliet, the movie where Leonardo DiCaprio played Romeo. I instantly fell in love with… Continue reading To be or not to be?


Anna Karenina

Today I will me telling all about one of my favorite books ever! Anna Karenina. This book I came across after I watched the 1948 movie version with Vivien Leigh (My favorite actress ever) as Anna Karenina. I read the book and I loved the story because it was different and daring, at least it… Continue reading Anna Karenina