Jean Grey & Scott Summers

Hello Everyone! I have another Marvel post for you guys and this time is for a Marvel couple that I've recently realized how much I liked and by the title I'm sure you guys already know who I'm talking about, Jean Grey and Scott Summers also known as Marvel Girl (Phoenix... Sometimes) and Cyclops, the… Continue reading Jean Grey & Scott Summers


Epic History: X-Men Volume II

Hello Everyone! I'm back with a review for Epic History: X-Men Volume II, The Phoenix Saga and oh my, did I get excited with this volume? Answer, yes. Yes I did. Very much. Anyways just like wig the previous review for volume I I'm not going to go in detail because I rally think you… Continue reading Epic History: X-Men Volume II


Epic History: X-Men Volume I 

Hello everyone!  In my previous post (Epic History: X-Men) I told you guys about a a series of documentaries that I discovered about the X-Men and is this post I'm going to review Epic History: X-Men Volume I, 60s Era.  The first volume in this series of documentaries main focus is the first years of the… Continue reading Epic History: X-Men Volume I 


Epic History: X-Men 

Hello Everyone! This post is especial because I'm going to be talking about something that I discovered this weekend and that I really really loved. This weekend I went to watch X-Men: Apocalyse (again) with a friend who surprisingly hadn't seen it. Shocker, I know. So I went and watched and I'll be honest... I… Continue reading Epic History: X-Men 

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Agent Carter 

Hello Everyone!  If you guys have been following me for a while then you know I love Superhero movies and Tv shows, my favorite show being Agent Carter, staring Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter; whom we first saw in Captain America: a the First Avenger and last year we got the first season of her… Continue reading Agent Carter 

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Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer 

Hello everyone!  This week has been amazing so far and especially if you're a Marvel fan. Last night was the World Premier of Captain America: Civil War as well as the release of the Doctor Stange Teaser Trailer and that trailer was epic! It was very different from any other Marvel trailer mainly because of the… Continue reading Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer 

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Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2

Hello Everyone!  Yesterday was a wonderful day. We got a second trailer for Captain America: Civil War and by the stars, it was unbelievably amazing! I honestly didn't not what I was feeling as I watched it but there definitely was some amazement, surprise, fear, joy... Among others. I was literally a mess and then… Continue reading Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2