I’m back!

Hello everyone!  I'm back! sorry for being away for so long but I have been extremely busy... and thought I will constantly be busy because of school, I will be around more. I promise. Now, I hope your 2017 started great and continues to be even better. For this 2017 I have a lot things… Continue reading I’m back!

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Beauty & The Beast Trailer

Hello Everyone! Today we got the first trailer for Beauty & The Beast, which is coming next year and stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. I’ll say, the moment this movie was announced I was really excited because I love the animated film so much! And the fact that the cast… Continue reading Beauty & The Beast Trailer


Pretty Little Liars, “The DArkest Knight”

Hello Everyone!  Last night was the Summer Finale for Pretty Little Liars and oh dear… I really don’t know what to think. So many things happened. Some made sense and some I kinda knew but others where a complete surprised and I’ll be honest, there were a couple of things that did not make any… Continue reading Pretty Little Liars, “The DArkest Knight”


Happy Monday! 

Hello everyone!  It's again Monday and I'm really sorry for being away, this return to school season has been tough but hopefully things will soon go back to normal... And if it want enough I'm a little sick, which is awful. Anyways, I've got a some great things coming soon so stay tuned for that.… Continue reading Happy Monday!